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Addiction is a disease that not only affects the one using the drugs, but also their family and friends. Though you may not need to participate in a full-time residential treatment like the person who is using drugs, it can be very helpful to connect with other people who have experienced and overcome issues similar to those that you are facing. Below are links to organizations that offer these resources to both people struggling with addiction and their families.

Contact Therápia Addiction Healing Center

For information on how Therápia can help you and/or your loved one overcome the struggle of substance abuse, please call 1-855-652-HEAL (4325) to speak with one of our caring, addiction specialists. 

Real Stories of Recovery

  • "After trying to end it all one night I decided I needed help or I was going to die or end up in jail for a very long time. I luckily found Therápia. I had been to 3 rehabs already and spent time in jail but nothing seemed to work for me...The staff and counselors at Therápia helped me to find my inner worth" Ryan M.
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